About Us


We are delighted to have you here at the Little Spa Shop.


Our mission as a store is simple. We want you to relax, take a load off and remember the importance of self-care. We are conscious self-care advocates and have dedicated ourselves to finding everything you need to accomplish the very important task of taking some time off for yourself and nurturing your body and skin. We provide you with an introduction to organic products and plants that help you accomplish this task and we are dedicated to bringing you brands that have already taken the guess work out of this task. 

We pride ourselves on working with manfucturers and brands that are local to the US and source ethically produced ingredients, that are organic and vegan and most importantly effective, and use recycled materials to protect the planet!

Pamper yourself and feel great about yourself both inside and out, indulge in self-care while being proud of what you put on your body!

 Little Spa Shop is a subsidiary of Glaneur, Inc. and abides by it's terms and conditions.

Glaneur, Inc.® stemmed from our personal experiences as consumers and online shoppers.In our fast-paced daily lives, online shopping is convenient, allowing us to find products on-the-go on our mobile devices or laptop with an Internet connection. No commute to the store needed.

Our goal is to open online stores that increase your shopping experience, bringing to the market personalized quality products, investing our time in listening to you and translating your needs into products designed to meet or exceed your expectations.Your Loyalty To Our Stores is our greatest motivator to continually excel and earn your repeat business.



  • We always work harder to bring you nothing but the best.
  • We are dedicated to offering you not just a product, but a solution to your needs.
  • Together we make the world a better place one smile at a time, starting with yours.
  • We offer quality, authentic and reliable brands because you don’t deserve any less.